Monday, 8 July 2013

in a rich man's world

I have Mamma Mia stuck in my head from my sister singing it at dinner

Shirt: Vintage 
Jeans: Topshop(old old)
Belt: Primark 
Shoes: Primark 
Watch: New Look 

I love how these photos looks,I like the sun rays and how they are captured. In the first picture I have my glasses on,I dont often wear them on blog posts because I hate them but well I took the photo without even realising.

I love this outfit,its my go-to one when im having a bad day or I dont like any of my clothes,which is probably once a week! I just look the shirt and how comfy it its!

Tonight I was at my final meeting for my Finland trip,I got a rather nice hoodie from it and a bright green top...its growing on me,slowly but surely,I am quite excited about it,I probably wont be blogging for about a month from the 13th of July onwards,I will miss it! But im going to do a couple of scheduled posts for sure!


  1. Looks cosy, and the sun does look beaut in the photos xx

    1. so cosy!I do love outfits like this and soo beaut! I love the northern ireland weather right now xx