Saturday, 13 July 2013

Holiday Time

Today I'm of to Italy until the 31st so if im not blogging,thats why! I do want to get a couple of posts up while im there full of outfits and what not,you guys know the drill.

Jumper: Holister
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Converse
Bag: H&M  
Yes,I am wearing a jumper...yep im crazy but I love this one so much that I had to bring it on holiday with me,the colour of the jumper and its not the type of material to be warm,its quite a cool material.
Im talking rubbish,but I do have a top in my bag in-case I do get too warm.

This bag is great for travelling,I can fit sooooo much in! I still want the Zara version of it though,this one isn't quite right,do you know what I mean,its perfect  but there is something missing? I am on the look out for a bag when Im in Italy!

This was the outfit I wore last year and funnily enough it was on the same date but I think we went on the 14th! I remember taking those photos the day before,I still have this peplum top,its an amazing colour but I dont feel as if its suits me as much,maybe im just having confidence issues at the moment,hopefully when I come back from Italy I will feel much better! 


  1. That bag just makes that outfit so chic, I love it. I hope you can check out my latest outfit posts, I think you'd like them chick x

  2. Love that gradient knit, have fun in Italy!