Thursday, 1 August 2013

back but not for long

So Im back! I know I said I was going to blog but I didn't and I'm awfully sorry,I did miss it! I go to Finland in 3 days so I'm back but not for long.

I didnt shoot to many outfits but here are the ones I did.

  Dress -Primark,Belt-Primar,Shoes-Primark,Bag-Primarl 
 Top- Primark,Skirt- H&M 
All Primark
 All Primark
 Clothes- Primark,Shoes-Italian market 
All Primark

Primark did well didnt they?they do just great clothes and at a good price,I really did love some of my outfit in Italy,the black sandalds are my new babies,they were ten euros and im regretting not getting like 100 pairs,well maybe not 100 but a couple more pairs,they are amazing! 

This post will be such an over load of pictures,sorrrrrrrrrrry.

Italy was lovely,where we stayed was in the middle of now where but that made it better! we had some peace and quite.
Italy has the nicest food ever,I could move there so easily,I would actually love to spend a year working there and learning the language. This was my post last year when I came back from Italy.

It's quite weird blogging again so im just going to leave it here because I don't know how to explain but its lovely to be back in rainy Northern Ireland.

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