Thursday, 16 May 2013

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I didn't by this foundation,nor was i gifted it by a company( i wish),my friendling Sophie actually said i could have it as it was too light for her,how nice is she? 
I had been meaning to by a new foundation as my Max Factor,3n1 was running out *sob* and then this appeared! 
I do like,it smells great! all fruity and stuff which is lovely, I would say the coverage is medium,im the kind gal who likes full coverage but im getting used to a little less after a week or 10 days with Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse,which I actually let Leah steal of me.. 
It lasts about 7 hours which for me is alright, I like to wake up and put my make up on and still have it the way I put it on when I go for a shower at night,maybe I just have to much exception of make up now a days? I set the foundation with Rimmel Stay Matte power which I do like,but then powder is powder,it doesn't matter too me,I used to use talc powder and it did the job too! It does get a little shiny in my T-Zone after about 5hrs or maybe that is due to me not putting a primer on ,which I'm yet to try out
I put it on with ELF powder brush like photographed and I also use this to put my powder on with,Im to lazy for tons of brush nonsense,I have about 4 brushes,before I lost them all.
Overall I really do like this foundation and although I didn't buy it myself I would consider buying it,if I had the spare cash, I have bought one like this,the 123 Perfect Foundation and I did really like it! Maybe I don't give Bourjois enough of a look when im beauty shopping!
Have you tired this foundation?


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