Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hello Hello Hello

Its been a very very long time since I have blogged and this is a spare of the moment procrastinate blog post! Where have I been? what have I been doing? College, young farmers, friends, boyfriend and a little bit more college and young farmers( they have taken over my life) but the last 3 months has been so fun! I have one of the best boyfriends I could ever ask for! and two of the nicest girls on earth as best friends, I dont know what I would do without them!

Hopefully I will start blogging again, I do want to ! I miss it and I have quite a lot of new pieces in my wardrobe, my style has changed a lot too, its more throw on a go now!

When I last blogged I had just started working in Dune, unfortunately now I don't work there anymore I was only Christmas temp but I would of loved to stay on as a permanent staff as it was a lovely shop to work in! But im thankful for the experience I have got working there!

This is just a couple of pictures to sum up the last 3 months
My friend Sarah and I, college work, my girls
Boyfriend and I, maybe i cute my hair shorter..., Hunter wellies for Valentines 
Made this skirt, from two skirts, a dress im making in college 

I want to a to do a updated make up routine as mine has changed quite a bit, its a lot less heavy now and simple! Watch out for that! 

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  1. Cute photos :)
    Maria V.