Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nasty Gal picks

So i have only recently discovered Nasty Gal,i love finding new online shops,it brings excitement into my life! 
Some of the items i have fallen for,they are all so lovely  looking! 
 crochet/lace dress> stunning on every lady! 
i love how cute this looks and it would be prefect for all year round  

 there was a dress like in in topshop for £15 last year,but it full length but completely and utterly gorgeous in every way,it was around the time of my prom and i remember trying it on and not getting because well quite frankly i dont know why and the regret has lived with me ever since! and i HATE  living with regret because every time i walking into that particular topshop it always reminds me of that day and well for me,its just horrible.
i have just fallen for these so so much,but my bank doesn't go that far to allow me to buy them

i had my final year prom(couple posts down) and this would of been PREFECT for it,why didn't i find this site earlier! 


  1. I love nasty gal! The first dress is great!