Thursday, 2 February 2012

you are the lucky ones

cardigin- zara, top-(its actually a dress) urban outfitters, skirt- new look,shoes -fake Jeffery Campbells 

This is my third time tiring to upload these,because the other tow times the photos went really funny,idk they didn't have all of the color in them or they were all cut up and the pixels were messed up.
Okay so don’t take these(or me) too seriously, I am just messing in them because I’m off sick today and well I wanted to have some fun because im quite bored as today im doing coursework, which isn’t terribly exciting 

So today’s outfit probably isn’t that appropriate,I feel a bit slutty with a body con on because it rises up so much, but never the less I do like it, my momma bought me it around the same time she bought me the red cardigan, I had one of these skirts before but the zip had broke so I was just wearing a plain black one out f h&m before now and my momma hated it! ahh well. My top is actually a dress that I tucked in because I don’t have that many tops anymore; they are all probably in the wash of scattered around my very untidy room. The rust cardigan I got Christmas of 2010 and its out of Zara and oh my I do love it,its so comfy and warm! Originally I didn’t like it, and I also got a coat that year but I took it back, which I do regret now because looking back it was lovely, it was long and a camel color and prefect and dammm why did I take it back. The hat and shoes I added on last minute because I was originally going to take the photos inside but I said to myself, hey why don’t I wear a hat and my fab heels, they are ever so pretty and I love them.
My boyfriend is coming to my house tomorrow night to stay over again which lovely because I miss him and we are just going to have a dvd night in and eat ourselves fat!
Sorry that most of these photos are out of focus.

victoria xx 

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