Monday, 30 January 2012

A little bit

cardigin: new look,shirt:vintage,jeans:new look(so old)  shoes: primark 

(title)Sick, so im off today after not being able to breathe most of the weekend and having possibly the worst cold ever!
This was my outfit last night but as it is so comfy and warm in wearing it again!
This weekend was really  nice because my boyfriend stayed over and slept on my sofa!hahah And then last night my sister and her bf were over and also my bf was over,so there was, my mum,my dad, my sister and her boyfriend and then me and my boyfriend, I thought it was going to be really bad and awkward but you know what, it was quite nice! Not all al what I expect, we got a Chinese and watched a movie all together.
So the outfit, the cardigan my momma bought for me a couple of days ago and I wasn’t that fussed on it until I started wearing it at the weekend and now,I adore it,it’s a fab length, gorgeous colour and so so warm! Perfect for this weather, the top is my mommas so you would call it vintage! the jeans are out of new look and they have to be years old now,I never really like wearing jeans, but I will wear these as they are so comfy and look good with pretty much anything and they were only eight pounds, so who can complain! the shoes are from Primark and if you have never worn these before I urge you to go out and get a pair, I have at least  4 pairs! They are so comfy. comfy outfit,which I need as im going to finsh tidying my room and then im going to go and watch dvds and drink tea until I feel better.

like my dog? he is super cute

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