Saturday, 28 January 2012

lace and hats

dress: zara, hat: new look,necklace: topshop

Okay,so this is a busy today,I have to do some photography work, tidy my room and then hopefully go to my boyfriends house.
I got this dress last week,in Belfast and I really do love it but the only this,I wear it back to front because the front of it is a big zip and the back is like what is shown,I don’t really like it the normal was because it I think it looks awful and tbh I wouldn’t EVER wear a dress with a zip down the front!
I love this hat on me!  I feel so chic with it,its unbelievable how something like that can change your mood and how you feel.
i really do like wearing dresses because they are so easy to wear,you dont need to worry about  if it doesnt match or how it looks,dresses are fab.

victoria xx 

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  1. funny how you think you know someone inside out until you read their blog an learn a little more... missing you tonight victoria...

    Anonymous Dave... the dave thats at the other end of the phone if you want to talk... and the dave that doesnt know if u get notifications for this