Monday, 5 March 2012

Technic - Carnival

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Carnival by technic! So the blogger world has been raving about this for some while now and I have been a little but late to jump on to the band wagon with it, but now that I have used it,I can defo see why everyone loved it!

It’s a perfect glitter mix and it looks lovely over most colours, I have only had it since Saturday but I have already found out it is m new favourite glitter nail polish (my glitter collection seems to be growing bigger and bigger by the day)

The only down side for it that I can see is it takes a long time to dry and that annoys me for a nail polish and sometimes puts me off the brand completely! But I want to try out some more tonight or maybe order false nails,mmmm, my debit card will get a shock!

This is the first post I have done in ages because, again I have school work and I had a college open night a couple of days ago and that was amazing and it’s my boyfriends and his mums birthday tomorrow so I have been running around like crazy to get that sorted and well I could go on forever but there isn’t just enough time in the day! 

Victoria xx 

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