Monday, 19 March 2012

Another sunny day (Saturday post)

top- primark

leggings- topshop

scarf- asos 
necklace- topshop
hat-new look

(my computer broke)
And another monochrome outfit! I really am sorry for this, I would give you an excuse but it’s very lame.
Im going to le boyfriend’s house tonight for dinner again, and to hopefully cuddle him to death ahah,too much info?
so this is another bog standard outfit for me, I can’t seem to get out of the leggings and long shirt phase, maybe its because these leggings were £18 and that’s expensive in my eyes and well now they are starting to go all weird and old looking(notgood)
So ill tell you all why I didn’t post this on Saturday.. well because my computer got a virus, like a bad one, it wouldn’t let us open any doucnements,not even photos and I was in the mood and I actually had decent photos for blogging but I couldn’t! How awful,huh?So my shoes…I love my converse,I got them for my birthday(may 28th is any one is interested) and well i really wanted them at the start and then I went off the for a while and now I love them again and I really really really want the white pair although everyone and their aunt has a pair but I still do like them, they are more chic 

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