Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Sunday Post

Left - Right 
Me playing paintball,forever loving grapes,got myself a webcam
Pretty wine bottles,my blackberry broke again(bain of my life) webcam pose

Black cami vest from primark styling 

So I re-named this post,yep its now called 'The Sunday Post' sounds like a newspaper...maybe it is?

I liked this week,I have been hanging out with an old a group of friends of mine and its been so good! there are the most amazing people ever.

The top picture is me at laser quest on Wednesday,it was amazing and such good group activity.
The wine bottle label was from a couple of nights ago,I am under-age to drink in the UK but I was with people who could and Jacobs Creek does some seriously nice bottles! 

I have been living in this string vest over the past couple of days,like its all i want to wear at the minute! I think my favourite way to style it is,black jeans,converse,gold jewellery and black jacket and over sized bag,instant chic!

Today I was out with my family doing some last shopping for holiday,I go on Saturday,im freaking out! Im sort of packed and sort of not! I cant believe how quickly the month of June has flown by!

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