Monday, 6 May 2013

just know you aren't alone


Top: DIY (made my me)
Jeans: DIY(made my Leah)
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: Primark (Bought in Galway so Penny's)

I didn't even realise that my top and jeans where DIY haha that makes me smile. I hope everyone is having a lovely May Day Bank Holiday, I have spent it doing quite literally nothing expect listing to music, lying in bed and trying to do blog photos!

I bought this necklace when I was in Galway on Saturday, I saw it then I put it down and then we went back into the store I and I just had to have it, at about £4 it is a steal! I love it so much; I can’t wait to wear it with a tan! It’s so unlike to go for colour in a necklace but it’s just so pretty!

Some of these photographs aren't what they could be, my house is full of people today and I always feel a bit silly when there is people in my house doing outfit photos outside, so I might re-shoot these later in the week, I have also planned all of my outfits for this week, that’s how OCD I am! Or is it I just like to be organised? I thought of an outfit for tomorrow, this morning in bed but it has completely vanished from my mind! But I think I am going to wear my side split maxi skirt! Who knows?


  1. What I love about skinny jeans brings out our sexy curves which makes us sexy. Skinny jeans and flat "doll" shoes are perfect combination. Flights to Morocco.

    1. Skinny Jeans are a girls bestfriend and when they have slits in the knees its even better! and these shoes are the cutest! thank you for your comment!