Sunday, 12 May 2013

weekend post #3

Domino's Pizza(American Hot)/finally happy with my room!/ fake nails with Models Own Indian Ocean over thumb and middle finger.
Songs of the week!Philip Philips- Home/ Passenger- Let her go.
Those Starbucks cold drinks(surprisingly nice!)/My mum makes the best dinners!/ Fave out from the week,post here.

This has been a long week even though it was a only four day school week which it made it feel longer,any one else have that?
So if you have been following me for a while you will know I have been slowing doing up my room,new sheets,new decorations and im finally happy with it and well that makes me happy and I can sleep at night , I think its important to love your bedroom.
I have been listening to Passenger Let her Go since about Wednesday night and haven't stopped,it is an amazing song! 
I tired the Starbucks cold drinks the other,they were a pound is Asda so I though why not? if you like the iced latte's Starbucks do,this is right up your street! 
My mum makes the best dinners! anything with pasta im loving right now!
I've been getting my results back from college and im actually pretty happy with some of the comments I have  been getting,im going to get stuck into some drawing tonight and I have to make a few boards,ahh the life of a fashion student! 

I have a foundation review coming up in a couple of days, I haven't done a beauty review in forever!so im excited about that! 


  1. Love the nail polish! :D

    xx MJ

    1. Thank you! got so many compliments on it!xx