Thursday, 30 May 2013

Birthday Haul

So I was in two minds about doing,this is no way me showing off,I personally love looking at hauls so I thought,I would do one to show everyone what I got and what I have been buying and also if they pop up in outfit pots you know where they came from.

The clothes and the watch,I bought myself,the watch is from new look,the jeans,the top and jacket are from primark,ohh and the aztec scarf that is from primark! i love it!

The DVD and the picture is from my sister,she did get me another one but i like this one better,I had actually been looking at it in a shop,im not sure where its from but its so pretty!

The book,the nail stuff, the make up and the snake skin clutch is from Leah,I'm trying to grow my nails so this is making me want to grow them even more,I cant wait to use the nail wraps,they will be brilliant for holidays so I don't have to do my nails al the time.

The bag and the blue make up bag is from Sophie and im in love with the bag so much,words cant express it!  It is so perfect I love it!!

I had a really good birthday,I'm not the type of person who gets so excited about birthdays,I was dreading mine actually,I don't like the fuss of it but Tuesday was really chilled and the weather was super good,although having the cold isnt very nice! im currently suffering very badly so tonight I'm going to get into my jammies and watch my new DVD! ohh and eat my weight in cake!

Next year I have a couple of things planned to get so I cant wait for that!

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