Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekend Post

So this week has been again for me up and down,I finished college on Friday,it was my birthday on Tuesday and I got to do what I love and get paid for it! HOW AMAZING

Yummy stir fry/new watch(new look sale) /saturdays outfit,working at a fashion show
trying outfits with my new light denim jeans/I got my own sewing machine/ birthday starbucks (I had two that day!)
Birthday face/there is something about drinking out of a proper cup that is so nice/ new handbag

Turning 17 isn't as fun as it seems,I liked telling people what my age was and watching them have a  nearly collapse at what I just said,its not fun when your 17.
I bought a new watch,I still love my rose gold one but i really liked the tortoise shell detailing on this one!

I have finished college for my first year,it was stressful coming to the end and I still have to come in next week to finish a few things up,I will miss it though,I got withdrawal symptoms from it when  it was Easter or Christmas! but I go on holiday in a month!exciting!

So yestarday I got to do something I love and get paid,like come on guys? win win,I was working at a fashion show in Ards Shopping Centre hosted and styled my Cathy Martin(PR extraordinaire) It was such a good day but exhausting!  

I'm really interested in purchasing a MAC lipstick but im not sure at all,I want a cremesheen or a satin,if there is any MUA's reading this,your help would be valued greatly! 

Last night at about half 11 I decided to change my blog about,I'm not to sure on it but orange is a new colour to me but im rolling with it!What do you think of it?


  1. That food looks delicious, yum yum. Love that bag too chick x

  2. Love your handbag Victoria and you look so beautiful 2 xxx