Sunday, 28 April 2013

what ive been doing this week

i actually like these better than weekend wishlist,what do you guys think?  i like having that challenge of photographing my life day by day.

i seemed to have bought a lot of make up this week,i am currently loving this natural collection mascara  and for 1.99 what isnt there to love about it?? i bought the maybelline dream matte mouse the other day too because my oundation was running out and it was on offer,my skin has been getting really bad recently so im hoping by wearing lighter foundation will help it,im also getting used to being pale again,my last foundation was em...darker than my skin colour so i always always orange..i was alright with tan though.

i finally got my own computer back so i wil be able to post more regularly now and i am off for a week which also helps!

i hope you all have had a good week and weekend!


  1. Love the color of the nail polish! :D

    xx MJ

    1. They are such nice colours but chip so easliy!xx