Friday, 26 April 2013

no your a not going crazy, Victoria Isla actually has a outfit of the day!

hoodie : missguided 
shirt: primark 
leggings: topshop 
shoes : converse 
necklace : H&M 
sunglasses : amazon 

yes you are seeing this correctly,i have a blog post up! well an outfit post! this is a really boring one if i do say so myself,it was my college hand in date and i was tired and need to get dressed quickly!
i did have more summer shoes on but the weather decided to be bipolar.

so i am off for a week which makes me super happy! cue lots of outfit posts and blog posts,are you excited??
i bought some of the new MUA nail polishes today which are the Essie dupes and im excited to try them,so look out for the review!

tonight im just going to relax and sleep,i have this horrible groggy feeling and i feel like my eyes will collapse any time now!