Sunday, 21 April 2013

again being the worst blogger ever

this week has been up and down for me,i think i have cried more times this week than i have cried in about 3 months,i hate crying but its all i can seem to do recently and that makes me angry so i cry more,ever get that?
1. Primark false nails work 
3. friday night with my bestfriend! 
4. stamps from being out! 
5.upclose and personal
 6.outfit!(top -Vero Moda,necklace -Primark) 

as i said this week has been up and down for me,i was with my best-friend and her sister all weekened as its her birthday on Monday so we went out on the town,went paintballing (ouch!im covered in bruises) and went out for a meal with her family! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY K-DOG)
on thursday i bought two topshop purses from their sale,not one but TWO and i dont even care! they are both beautiful and cost me £12 for both and they are real leather,im so inlove! i just need to find a way i can use two purses at the same time,any suggestions?
I have a college hand in date due on friday and i havent really done anything at all so im a wee bit screwed right now,yay victoria!

i promise after the 26th of April i will be a better blogger with regular outfit posts and all that jazz! its been a long weekend for me and all i want to is curl up into a ball and sleep and i think thats what i am going to do!

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