Sunday, 14 April 2013

catch me if you can

so i must be the WORST blogger ever!
this has been pretty much my week,i got my blackberry back,i kind of ombre'd my hair and my parents are away for the weekend for a holiday in France (lucky!) so that means they have left my sister and I in charge,so far so good,lets see if im still alive by Tuesday.

the first line of photos was from Wednesday my friend actually took these photos for me and now she is my blog photographer! this was a throw on outfit but i really like how it looks,the scarf is from asda around christmas time! it was really sunny that day and we were all just after a pizza hut,it was soo yummy! 

middle row was from today,my sister,her boyfriend and i went for a fry this morning and then went to play in a kids park,im not going to lie here and say it wasnt fun,because it was! i suggest you all go out and go to your nearest park and run around like a kid again and not feel great!
My hair is also ombre'd (is that a word?) i didn't want it really blonde as im quite fair and i think it would of looked silly so its kind of a gingery red,its something i have wanted to do for ages and well i bit the bullet yesterday and dyed it! the kit i used was this one and i really liked it! i was scared of applying it but it was easy enough.

the last set of photos were from last night and this morning also,the first photo is of a building that has been recently knocked down,which is really sad because although I cant remember it ever being in use,my dad can and well there is probably a lot of memories & stories about that shop that people could tell you and now its a pile of rubble and that makes me sad.
Middle photo is of fairy lights in my living room,i think they are so pretty,i need to buy loads of fairy lights at Christmas when they are on sale!
The last photo is of jeans my friend Leah (go follow her DIY blog) made me/her  but she gave them to me and i have been wearing them non stop and i only got them on friday..i love them! 

This is a lot of writing from me,but its a catch up post and just a general talk! hope all you guys have had a good weekend/week and i'll speak to you in my next post! (which will be soon!) 


  1. Great look! :)

    xx MJ