Sunday, 7 April 2013

Weekend Wishlist

so yes i am a bad blogger and i do apologize  for it but i have been a busy bee,i was in Dublin and other various parts of the country the past week,im getting my phone fixed after about a month of saying i need too,i still have not done any of my work i need to do for college,i start college again on monday which im dead excited about,i have missed college.

so as i said i was in Dublin yesterday,Leah and i wanted to go down for some shopping and the train tickets were cheap so we went! i was nervous the going on the train because wait for it...i never really had been on a train before yesterday,ive been on them in Italy but thats different..isnt it? but now im completely fine with trains! i didnt buy that much expect a dress/top from Vera Moda which will be in a outfit post this week!

Topshop  Ava Side Zip Western Boots  
i saw these boots yestarday and i am literally in love,they are the perfect boot for summer or even winter,dont know how well they would do in the rain though! you all remember the leopard print pumps i had? well these are even better! but at mouth dropping £70 i think i will have to save my pennies for a long time! 

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream.I think this BB cream looks really good! i haven't really tired many BB creams but i like the idea of the new L'Oreal range,i really want to try the anti- fatigue one! as it says its meant to cover up the signs of dull and tired skin and well thats my skin in two words!   

i start college tomorrow which im excited about,i miss being in college everyday and waking up at 11am is not good for me! hello early mornings! hope you all have had a good weekend and Easter! 

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  1. The boots are amazing!

    xx MJ