Sunday, 3 March 2013

what i've being doing/where have i been?

So i haven't posted in over a week and its not because i haven't had time or i haven't been wearing nice clothes,i have actually due to loads of new clothes with has left my bank account very poor.
i have visited the Andy Warhol exhibition with college,been very ill (having the cold sucks balls) re- did my room and bought some cute things for my room.

here is just what i have been up to in photos

 St Anne's Square,Primark wicker heart,Starbucks( caramel macchiato),Seaside walks,Andy warhol quote, Andy Warhol,Andy Warhol ,Andy Warhol,Amazon heart wall hanging   

i have been wanting to do my room up for a while and now since i had some dolla i wanted to get a couple of things! i really love the wall hanging from amazon,i cant wait to put loads of pictures and memories on it!
I really enjoyed seeing the Andy Warhol exhibition in The Mac in town,its such a great building and the staff are really helpful! I have lots of new clothes to show you all,a new handbag very like the Zara Office City Bag but cheaper...stay tuned to find out more.

I will be back and posting outfits tomorrow! hope you have all had a good weekend


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :D

    xx MJ