Thursday, 21 February 2013

its just what it is

jumper : primark 
necklace : H&M 
jeans: topshop
jacket: primark 
shoes : converse

so i have a few new pieces in my wardorbe,one being this gorgeous necklace from H&M and another being this dish wash type jumper from primark and i have to say i love them both! 

its quite weird for me to have anything else done with my hair as i usually just have it down and natural but today i decided i would brave it and do something different,although i did take it down half way through shopping.

on Sunday night my friends and i will be going to an art opening of Christine Truemans 'Screen Lovers' exhibition ,which im very excited about! you can visit her website here.

College is well and truly back on,after a week off its time to do some serious work,yeaaah that wont happen! its not that i dont love college im the biggest procrastinator in the world! im surprised i've actually kept this blog running for so long.

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  1. Great outfit! :D

    x MJ