Sunday, 17 February 2013

weekend wishlist

Recently i have really been loving and wanting to wear the plain t-shirt,jeans and a necklace look,i think this
 necklace would be perfect for an everyday look and a night time look.i cant wait for summer or at least warmer weather so i can go out with out a coat or 100's of layers,am i the only one who is excited about this thought? i already have way to many outfits planned for not quite sure if thats bad or good at this moment in time.Am i the only one who cant believe that we are like two weeks away from being in March? this is crazy! next thing you know it will be the end of summer!time flies to quickly! i'll be 17 this year and my sister will be 19 and going to university which im still struggling to cope with but it will be fun having my sister live up in Belfast,i can stay at hers when i dont want to travel all the way home from college.

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  1. Amazing items! :)

    xx MJ