Monday, 4 March 2013

my new bag

so in yestardays post i mentioned i bought a new bag! and here it is!
today was my first 'proper' day of using it and im so happy with it! its massive so that i can carry all my junk around (and i have alot of that) the only thing i found bad about it is that when going on and off buses or tight spaces it isn't the easiest as its so big.

the bag itself is from H&M and is 29.99 or 30 pounds to you and me! its not on the website for some odd reason but if you go in store it should be there!
i think it looks very similar to the much coveted Zara Office City Bag  even though i still am lusting over a Zara bag this one will do for now! i am going to Italy in the summer so i might come back witha few goodies like i did last year because the Zara's over there are amazing!
the jumper is one of my recent purchases,i wore it in my last outfit oust here 

i reached 50 followers and i would like to say thank you! half way to 100! so thank youuuu!


  1. Gorgeous bag, I originally thought it was zara, cant believe its H&M! Xx

    1. thank you! i know! the cashier even said about it looking very like the zara one! xx

  2. It's amazing, love it!

    xx MJ

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  4. I must agree, your bag really look like a Zara bag! I’m also obsessed with Zara, but it has a very costly tag! Anyway, this bag can give you a witty and stylish look. =)

    Leonia Shearer