Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rihanna for River Island

yay or nay?

for my own personal taste,no,not ever.
the collection isn't what i would expect of rihanna,when i think of her i think very racy outfits,skin tight and on trend,but her collection is dated and has my pet peeve of denim skirts,wrong wrong on every level.

i had no idea of what to expect from her collection but honestly not this,i had heard from the great tweeters who where at her launch had said that the models didn't have very much on but,i thought leather,skin tight dresses etc,yes there is about two dresses which are body con but that's about it,i think i maybe will go in store and see how the clothes look in real life and then make a proper decision but as for now i wont be dashing to the cash register to spend my monies on these items.

i loved her Grammy look,like it was perfect in every way,her hair,lipstick,the dress was amazing! i feel that this is one of the best looks i have seen her in.

i dont know how well this post will go down but i am going say this is my honest opinion,i dont care that she is famous,she has a clothing range and im not saying bad things about rihanna im just saying that her range is not to my liking and i know some people will have other comments and probably  thinking 'what is this wee girl at?!' but for my taste rihanna's collection is horrible.


  1. are those double waisted jeans?! Wtf?! No. Just, no.

    1. yes they are! and i know right!! how could amyone think they look good! she has taken 'grunge'to another level!