Sunday, 17 March 2013

Weekend Wislist

Both from topshop this week but then how can any one resist topshop? its stunning but yet so expensive,can they please lower their prices so that everyone can have topshop daily?

1. Topshop Panther Print Zip Around Purse 
i love love the print on this purse! its stunning! and after i bought my self my new bag i have been after a new purse,will i ever stop wanting new things?

2.Topshop Grits Sling Back Western Heels  i have been looking for shoes i could wear in the summer and in winter,you know those shoes that you can wear with shorts in the summer and then with tights and dresses in the winter?

Happy St Patrick's day everyone,coming from Northern Ireland im pretty sure everyone will be going out and getting drunk and with tomorrow being a public holiday,that will pretty much happen! i have never really celebrated St Patrick's day so the out come of this is that i get a day off college tomorrow and well im not going to argue  with anyone,who doesn't love a day off?

This week has went pretty fast! im applying for my drivers license which is exciting! i cant wait to learn to drive although six months ago i didn't want,funny how time can change you.
I've started biting my nails again and my long ish nails are even shorter than they were before,which makes me sad,i do want long nails for summer but i know that will never happen,its a good thing primark do false nails for a pound!

Im going to try and do an outfit of the day post but im not promising anything and if i dont i will put it up for tomorrow! Hope everyone has had a good weekend and a very drunk St Patrick's Day?

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  1. i love both the purse and the shoes, great picks! have a lovely weekend xxx

    I left my heart in Miami