Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekend Wishlist

So this weekend has been one to remember  if you are from Northern Ireland you will probably have been affected by the power cuts,it was not a fucn time,my house was out of power from friday morning until saturday night and you dont realize how much you depend on electricity,i think i ate more bacon in three days than is probably recommended.

ASOS ALTITUDE Leather Jodhpur Ankle Boots
plain black boots are something that have been in my head for a  while and although these aren't too plain that  you get board of them and i think they would be a nice height on your leg,not too high or not too the only one who has this? although summer is coming...well not in northern ireland,i still want black boots because well who doesnt need black boots?
ASOS Striped Knit T-Shirt Dress 
knitted striped t-shirt dress and its black and white? yes this is gorgeous,it would of been so perfect for the winter with a duffle and tartan.

As i said on my earlier post i am off for my easter holidays and at every start of my holidays i  constantly say to myself,ohhh i wish i had college on monday,i have this cute outfit in my head but then i remember i dont have college and i get sad,i would never ever of thought i would be saying i want to go to school when i have days off this time last year,college has changed everything for me.

On thursday night i was helping out at Belfast Fashion Week again and its always fun,i love the opportunity to meet new people and people from the industry from Northern Ireland, i love the backstage atmosphere and i love knowing how a fashion show is put together and CMPR always do a brilliant job! 

i have so many ideas for bloggging i just hope i do them all! 
Hope you guys had a nice weekend and werent too badly affected by snow.

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