Friday, 15 March 2013

im like the dead sea

top :primark
necklace :primark

This is something I never really post on but my hair has to be one of the things I love about myself, I always have taken pride in having long hair and I guess I get that from my mum never allowing my sister and I to cut our hair short.
Even though my hair colour is red/brown/ginger and I moan about the colour about 70% of the week I still love it. My hair is naturally wavy but here I have added some extra curls with a GHD flat iron, I think it gives your hair that more a polished look and you feel a lot better too, glamorous would be the correct word.

This post has no structure to it what so ever,I haven't posted all week and I liked my hair so I thought why not? I really need to start doing outfit posts again but my room is still in that 'post rearrange' stage and I have no free space and I hate doing photos outside when there is people in my house! am I the only one who gets that? like your mum or dad wont understand why you are posing outside? comment below if you are like that too...

tonight im having a girls night and im so excited! hope everyone has a good friday night whatever you are doing!

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  1. I love your necklace and you are are beautiful!!
    We have a new post,you're welcome! ;)