Sunday, 3 February 2013

weekend wishlist

1. Bansky : Wall & Piece 
so i saw this book in urban outfitters the other day( i am obsessed with that shop now) its all the art work of bansky and if you dont know who bansky is,i suggest you head over  to google now.
2. ASOS Box Chain Bracelet Pack 
i seemed to be wanting bracelets more an more now,maybe its wrist bling envy from LLYMLRS she has got it going on! i have the river island rose gold watch and i feel as if i need more on my wrist to keep it company,im not the only one who does this?
3. ASOS Retro Sunglasses with Metal Ridge Detail 
i think these are so pretty! i think its very hard to chose a right pair of sunglasses for yourself,to big and your face will look silly and too small it will look worse and then dont get my started on the colour! but these are pretty simple,they look a little vintage and modern at the same time.

so this week for me has flew in pretty fast,im stuggling to remember if i was of this time last week or not,damm this old age,i think i was? dont quote me on that.
i have been biting my nails alot recently and its starting to bug me a lot,i have this fear of having ugly hands and my fear is slowing becoming a reality,any tips for a nail biter?

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  1. Love the bracelet and sunglasses! :)

    xx MJ