Sunday, 3 February 2013

20 Facts About Me

i have been seeing this everywhere! and though i should join in too,i mean why not? 

1. I have to get out of northern ireland,i feel as if i cant be myself here,its too slow moving for my liking
2. My career will always come first,over friends or family  thats harsh i know but i want to do to well for myself
3.I met my best friend in college,I love her so much and I can't imagine my life with out her and I don't want too.
leah and i,she is the best thing ever
4. I believe everything happens for a reason and karma will come back around to bit you in the ass. 
5. I'm scared of not succeeding in life,it scares me to death,i dont want to be unhappy when im older.
6. I want a range rover black sport,I'm going to give myself for my 30th birthday.
7. I'm not a confident person at all,if i dont know you,you will more than likely think im a rude bitch for not talking,i swear im not i just dont know what to say or do.
8. I'm the sort of person who likes to sit at home rather than go out,im perfectly happy sitting in with the fire on,sweets and a good movie, comedy is the best.
9. I have to be in control of situations other wise I freak out,i cant deal with situations i cant control,my mind freaks out and i become this shaking- talking to fast- know idea what to -say type of person,its awful.
10. I love shopping,corny I know but I do,I love walking into a store and seeing new clothes.
11. I wish my blog had more followers,i dont mean this in a bad way,i love followers i just wish i had a little more.
12. I don't trust people very easily,i find it hard to open up about myself,even writing some of this is making my heart go all tight.
13. I'm rubbish at making decisions,ask me where i want to be in the next ten years,sure i can answer that with in two seconds but ask me if i want to go to the cinema or what sort of ice cream i like,my mind shuts down.
14.I bite my nails every day,whether its down to stress,boredum or even because I would rather bite my nails than talk
15. I have a girl crush on blake livley and rosie huntington-whiteley,they're beautiful.

16. I'm blind as a bat but I hate wearing glasses,i wear contacts too but they are a pain too,why couldnt i  be blessed with good eye sight.
17. I never would have imagined my life like it is,a year ago if you had asked me if where i would of been,i probably would of said dead.
18. I am still in shock as to where I go to college,like i go to college where the titanic was built,how incredible is that?!   
19. I'm only 16 but I look and feel so much older,i get mistaken for being alot older,i think its because i grew up in a generation that grew up too fast.
20. I want to give my children everything I never had growing up,i want them to have everything they dreamed of but im scared if i give them to much will they be spoiled?

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