Saturday, 2 February 2013


top: primark 
jeans : new look
shoes : new look 
necklace :primark

i did have a jacket on but the photos were rubbish,that annoys me sometimes you think you have really good photos but no,you have crap ones,thanks camera for lying to me,love you too

i love this top and probably dont wear it as much as i should,it was only 3 pounds from primark like in November though so you might not be able to get it,try ebay.

tomorrow i am going to be busy,i have a couple of things for blogging to do and well my general sunday-ness  which involves bacon butties,tidying my room and lazying about,im living the dream.

you can actually see some sun in these photos which im makes me happy,ive had enough of cold weather,i hate wearing jackets and layers,i cant wait to the day where i can just go out in a top and not be cold.
i cant wait for my summer holiday im going to italy again with my family and seriously guys i can not wait to have the sun on my back and the warmth of italy,mmmm and to buy summer clothes,i have already a few bikinis i have my eye on.

1 comment:

  1. Nice outfit! :)
    I like your necklace.

    xx MJ