Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Favourites

so i have started this thing where i am doing monthly favourite...lets see how long that lasts

Vita liberataI have been loving fake tan this month,I love having tan skin,it just makes me feel so much better about myself and why not use one that is down the road from me,yep I have driven past Vita Liberata offices more times than you have had hot dinnersI love the smell of fake tan even,its a weird one to describe really but I love it.

Benefit Cabanna gift set I got this for christmas and I find myself reaching for it most day,whether its the eyeshadow(love love-the light brown and darker brown give a perfect day time look,pictures coming soon!) or the hoola bronzer,I'm still trying to figure out if I like the foundation faker,I know I don't like the smell of it,but I'm still working with it.

Hide the blemish ConcealerWe all get those morning where we wake up and find that our skin has decided not to like out face during the night,I bought this on a whim I remember my cousin using it long ago but I had never really tired it for myself,I find it best to work with if you warm it up a little and then apply it with a foundation brush or a concealer brush.
Its great for those days where you don't want a lot of make up but you want some coverage,just put it on your T zone and the places you need it the most and blend,easy!

Barry M Eyeliner Brush didn't even know barry m did brushes until i walked past the brush isle in superdrug, brightly coloured and not a bad price,i picked up this one because i had started losing my little tiny one that went with my cream eyeliner and i have started getting more into eye make up recently,i am so excited to go out and buy the concealer brush and the eye-shadow brush and at the price of 3 pounds who can go wrong?!

My Purse! Nicaso another christmas present,sure why not? ist only January i wouldn't normally pick this out in a shop,i would actually walk past it but i really do like it,like love it i love pulling it out on a shop and i can put my phone in the middle which is great if i dont want to take my bag with me,all in one! 

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