Tuesday, 5 February 2013

new boots and snow

jacket: primark
top : vintage
jeans: new look
boots: primark
snood: primark

standard miss coulter outfit in the snow,i think everything look so much prettier i the snow,am i right??
i am off college today due to snow... well i actually took the day of but we wont tell anyone.
you cant see my boots very well i got new boots! i had been wanting a new pair of brown boots for ages,my other brown ones were getting a tad old,still love them though! these ones have a tiny heel and some tassels,not too sure how much i love the tassels ,but these boots are sooo comfy! primark i do love you and at £18 i think they are amazing,my mum and my sister both want to wear them which is a very very rare thing in my house

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  1. Nice look! :)

    xx MJ