Monday, 21 January 2013

MissGuided SS13 Preview: My Picks

1. Benjenica Iridescent Sequin Sweater 
Saheli Neon Oversized Jumper

3 - Viola Leather Look Midi Dress

so these are my three picks
I love this sequin sweater,it would be so comfy but so sparkly at the same time! perfect for college!
The neon sweater is the same but then this would be gorgeous over a bikini in the summer with a tan,neon is just probably one of the best colours,it can be a little in your face but it suits everyone,and for only £14,this on is a steal!
Leather look midi dress? need i say more? put a comfy sweater over it or dress it up to the nines for a night out,either way it gorgeous!

Missguided's new SS13 range is full or neon,ombre,monochrome pieces which im excited about! i have been seeing monochrome pop up quite alot,i think monochrome is more for the winter but then thats just me on my colour scale,i lik to wear dark in the winter and brighter clothes in the summer,
what do you think? 

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  1. Amazing picks! I love missguided so muuuuuuch! They have amazing clothes. :)

    xx MJ