Sunday, 20 January 2013

weekend wishlist

 i have been super busy! like college got in the waay too much for its own good! there was a hand in date which means all the work have i been doing since i started had to be handed in to get marked,so as the top student i am,that involved me staying up late doing work,thus no blogging but i some how managed to gain a couple of new follower,HI!

1. Ubran Decay Naked 2 Palette,i really really want,i know i did by the MUA Heaven and Earth palette but after using the naked 2 the other night at my friends, i am in freaking love! i wasn't sure of what to expect well actually i had really high exceptions for it,the colours are so pigmented! i wasn't expecting it like at all! but i really do want it now.

2. Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See after reading the 'PostSercet by Frank Warren' book i have fallen in love with this whole idea that some one out there will take the time to read all your secrets and make a book and reading that book,some funny,some weird,so are so true,you find yourself thinking the same things about yourself,and love letters book would be equally as perfect,i love reading stories like these,im a dork in that way.

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