Wednesday, 23 January 2013

just the way you are

and yes and i do have bruno mars in my head...
my photos have all had to be cropped pruely because of the state of my room,so sorry if they all look a little funny.

jacket: zara
disco pants look alikes : here or here 
top: vintage
shoes : new look (sale)
bag: new look 
fur stole : made my myself.

im not actually going any where today,i dont think but i like to get dressed,i feel like i have done sometime with my day,iddkkk
these shoes wouldn't be the best option if i was going out seeing as there is still snow on the ground but i had to show you them (even though the pictures is crap) i bought them yesterday in new look for a mere £3,they are pointed loafers with a bow and i love them! £3 pounds though!
the fur stole i made myself,my friends mum had the fur (its not real fur) but it was in two pieces so being the fashion student i am i sat down on night and sewed them together and i now have a fur stole and i love it! perfect winter accessory! 

i am going to start and do end of the month favourite,i dont know why but i am! i think it will be fun to do and it will give me something to work towards,im going to stop rambling right now
have a good day and i hope you are having a good week!

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