Friday, 25 January 2013

and those bright blue eyes can only meet mine

jacket: zara
scarf: asda
jeans: topshop
boots: new look 

so this is just a quick one today or aka i dont like any of the other photos,yep thats it.
today i went to my very first press launch,cue loads of nerves but it went okay im not a person who is very good with new people or even having her photo taken,the only photos i like of myself are the ones i take myself or i have control of,strange i know.

it was lovely to meet the other NI bloggers though,they are so lovely and gorgeous!
this season there will be a lot of florals and neon,who could of expected it? although i dont know how my wardrobe is going to feel about neon and florals,its just coming out of steps.

i will have a proper put up about that tomorrow when i get the press release but in the mean time,i hope every one has a good friday,im going to light my fire and sit in.



  1. Cute! I love your scarf :) wish I could have came today!x

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  3. That scarf is gorgeous! x

  4. Cute outfit. :D

    xx MJ