Saturday, 8 December 2012

you couldnt stop if you tired

jumper : vintage
jacket : new look (old old )
leggings : miss glam ( you can get them here )
shoes : asos
nails : models own : Hed Kandi Hedonist

as the days get colder,i have to dress warmer (obvs) and you know what that is a changelle,i like dressing for autumn,winter not so much,they involve too many layers and if you dont wear enough you will end up freezing your butt off and thats when you're inside,dont even get me started on outside...luckly my college does have heating and uses it.

i love this jumper,it was my mums and i find it perfect,its the right length that you can wear it with leggings and still have your dignity but not too long it look silly.

so you may have noticed my nails are painted for like the first time in months! dont really know why i painted them,i just to a fancy to this colour,it makes my pale  tan skin look alot tanner,and the colour is insanely bright.

hope you are having a good weekend! i have a super busy week a head,my friend and I are doing a thing called 'Fashion Souk' which is basically a posh car boot sale but for clothes only so hopefully i will get some money from that to spend on christmas presents!

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