Wednesday, 5 December 2012

W7 Roll On Foundation

I don’t really talk about make up products a lot, its not really my thing, I just babble and say ‘yes I like them,they are good’ but for some reason I wanted to do a review on this, mainly because its 1.99 and the second many people may not know about it.
If you are from northern Ireland, you will probably have heard of stores like ‘Discount NI’ which is basically a cheaper version of B&M,you have those in England, right? I’m pretty sure you could find this product in there too.

Okay so onto the foundation, I was kind of wary of this but seeing as my foundation has completely ran out and is now currently upside down on my dressing table to see if I can get any last drops from it I thought I should try a new foundation and while shopping for cheap food and sweets I found this and said to myself,hey why not, its 1.99,I wasn’t expecting much but I have ended up really liking it.

I don’t use the roller thing because I feel like that would leave streaks and it reminds me of painting my face…that’s not what you want to be doing, is it? Instead girls we ‘apply’ so I apply this foundation with ELF’s powder brush which is amazing, buy it and you won’t be disappointed, trust me.
it gives a smooth finish, but I would recommend using a primer and a powder if you have oily skin because it does get very shiny and another thing, it leaves you skin with a soft finish like if you touch your face ,its soft but don’t touch too much or you could rub it off. It lasts all day and for me that’s what I want in a foundation more than anything, I HATE having to touch up every second of the day.

Overall I really do like this foundation and if you see it about, give it a go because well I said so and its 1.99 and if you don’t use it, you can always paint your bedroom with the roller, or have it in your make drawer as a back up if it one days you fancy painting your face because, well you can.

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