Wednesday, 19 December 2012

im still loving KUKEE

Oh wow i have been a bad blogger,sorry that i have been gone so long,christmas,college,trips to Birmingham and the boyf have got in the way,dammm life! but i will be back..soon

can you believe its a week until christmas? shit is going crazzzy! i cant wait though,i do love wrapping presents and getting presents (the only bit of christmas i do like)

so maybe a month or two ago,im not really sure i posted a weekend wishlist featuring Kukee,they are a brand which sells on trend jewellery at a very very cheap price and i do like them!

here is a little collection that am loving and for some reason,there is a lot of red,i never wear red but i seem to be attracted to red jewellery.

1 - Dotty Knuckle Ring - I love love these,dunno why maybe because of how i have seen them everywhere or how they look but i think they are super nice!
2- Skull Beaded Bangle Bracelet - i have a necklace simple to the blue skull from topshop but i have seemed to have lost misplaced it,they would be so cute together!
3- Chunky Red Rings- again,like the YSL Arty rings,these by far the the cheapest ones i have seen.
4-  Cuff Chain Bangle - simple bracelets,easy to wear yet look so pretty.

cheap and so prefect,i cant wait to get my hands on some of these beauties! 

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