Saturday, 22 December 2012

Models Own Collection

a year ago,mention the name models own to me and i would have looked at you funny
now I think of two things,wonderful nail polish and a styling term.
but im talking about models own the nail polish and let me just say,forget OPI(they are crap) forget Nails Inc (I like them) forget Barry M (they are okaaay) Models Own are the best!

Yes they are £5 each and yes a little pricey for a nail polish but the are brilliant dries in quickly,you only need one or two coats of them depending on what the polish is and they come in all sorts of colours!

 from left to right i have
Hedonist,Balearic Cool, Disco Heaven, Peach Puff,Pink Fizz,Indian Ocean,Aqua Violet,Grace Green.

I have three from the Hed Kandi range,two from the Beetlejuice range.
I love all of these colours so much,but my favourite one has to be aqua violet,it looks so good on your nails and I cant wait to try it out with more colours underneath it.

I was recently at Clothes Show Live on the 11th of November (unreall,soo good but yet so tiring) and thats where I acquired some of theses,they were doing five for £10,okay girls do you math,that £2 pounds each! that freaking amazing! I still want some more like  Freak Out from the Mirror Ball after seeing Lily from LLYMLRS wearing it  and maybe a grey and i need a new black.

Models own customer care is so good too! I bought Grace green (the last on the right) from Clothes show live and the next day i opened it and it didn't have a brush so I tweeted models own who tweeted right back saying they could seen me out a new one,for free! which I am still to this day amazed! (its been a week now) so thank you to the ladies at Models Own!

I hope everyone has a good christmas and a happy new year!

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