Saturday, 29 December 2012

well maybe im a crook for stealing your heart away

jeans : topshop
scarf : asda
shoes : new look 

so happy chirstmas and happy new year and all that gob shit,christmas isnt what i remember it,it went in to quick and its a lot of stress but then you do get things like money and benefit make up,meh.

so i wore that outfit on christmas day and today actually,this jumper is just so damm cosy!
this is the first time you have seen my face in ages! but i do have a excuse,work has got in the way,i dont mean like work in a shop, i mean accounts,vat,net vat, receipts- no im not a trainee account and i never ever want to see a receipt again.

i know you cant see my scarf very well and it will feauture on here lots but its from asda and its beautiful! six pound that wee beauty cost me!

so im way to do more receipts,have a nice weekend!

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