Monday, 31 December 2012

BYE 2012

so every blogger right now will be posting 2012 outfits and don't get me wrong,i love them posts,i like to see how peoples style have changed..just not mine.

2012 has been a pretty good year for me,i went to Italy i left school and started college,i joined FABB,i went to Dublin and fell in love with it,i fell in and out of love,went to my first event, Belfast fashion week,meeting some of the people i couldn't imagine my life without but most of all i think i have changed as a person,if i met myself a year ago i wouldn't know that person,i was a quite shy girl who wasn't very confident and now well,yeah im still a wee bit shy but my i am in a place in my life where i never thought i would be and 2012 thanks.

so as i sit here doing accounts like i have the past three days (my head hurts and my eyes are sore) i've been thinking what i want to happen in 2013.

i want a job,i want to stop relying on my parents for money,i want to lose some weight,lords knows how,i want to start doing things for me instead of doing things for other people.

so i will leave you with some of the highlights from my year(warning,loadss of pictures!)

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