Tuesday, 8 January 2013

daddy long legs

so i was in the middle of taking these photo graphs and i pressed a button on my tripod (as you do) and my camera flew off and well long story long i basically have lost the the piece that holds my camera to my tripod and in the process of doing that i saw a daddy long legs running past me on my floordrobe   i hate spiders and i now feel like i have a zillion of them on me,great.

anyways! happy new year and this is my first post,wooohooo! i started college yesterday and well i am so glad to be back,i missed being in Belfast everyday like i had withdrawal symptoms.

my outfit today is very lazy and throw on,im going out later to fashion show conference thingy with girls from college Leah and Sophie.

shirt: vintage levi 
shoes : asos 

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