Sunday, 11 November 2012

weekend wishlist

1. Im sure you have all seen the ombre trend and the new L'Oreal advert,but yes i still want to ombre my hair,i still think its gorgeous and i know many people are wanting rid of theres,but i want it. Im not too sure how it would work with my hair being like a brown/red colour whether it would take to the brown or the red...just have to wait and see!

2 i have jeans that i have had for years but i dont want to throw them out,i love them that much,they are my go to jeans and they are freaking comfy!.Every one had those sort of clothes,jeans,jumpers,tops,you know what im talking about girls and you never want to throw them out but one day you will have too and my jeans are coming to the end of their wee life. My ones have started going thread bare in places i dont want them to be going,i will still wear them because of as yet i have not found jeans that compare to them,these mango jeans might.

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