Thursday, 8 November 2012

Vita Liberata

top: primark
leggings: miss glam
shoes: asos
(sorry about my tops straps)
This top was £2 in primark,i mean come one how lovely is it?? these photos aren't the best because they were taken a mere half an hour ago! i tend not to think a head and plan when I do my outfit post...
you can actually see that i do have the disco pants fakes look alikes, I do love them and i need to stop wearing them all the time.
so on to why you are actually here.

Tonight i attended the Vita Liberta Re- Launch,this is a Northern Ireland brand which is actually based down the road from me,im waaay too excited over that...but from what I have heard their products are amazing! so I was excited to go,although I was a little wary because it was my first event and I didn't know anyone but I soon found out how lovely the FABB girls are as lovely as they seem!

they offered my some products to try out which made me very happy because I had yet not tired their products, I got the 'Tinted Self Tan Gel' in medium,it says it develops in 4-6 hours and it lasts up to 3-5 days,tooo excited! they also let me try their 'Moisture Boost' which has is tan enhancing,you will see my reviews these in the next couple of weeks.
Im not one really for tan but when i do tan i like to do it properly have have a nice colour and to look healthy not pale and ill.
more tomorrow!


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with these VI! I'm still loving mine :) xx

    1. I cant wait to use them properly! i only did a tester and i love it! awh you looked lovely with yours on :) xx