Wednesday, 14 November 2012

took a bus to chinatown

jacket: new look
dress: new look
leggings: miss glam
bag : new look
hat : primark 
shoes: primark 

okay thats alot of new look.mmmmm.

i belong with you
you belong with me
you're my sweetheart

i have been listing to the song ' ho hey by the lumineers',you know its from the advert with the guys can thank me later.

i do have more outfit photos but they are all weird and dull and my girls at college do now stalk my blog im very weird about what i post now...jeeze thanks guys.

i havent wore this dress in ages,its my fail safe dress,if i dont know what to wear,i'll wear this because it is so easy and looks good any time of the year,i have posted about it before.

so my course at college has decided that we get a day off tomorrow and of course,that is brill but not for me,no i have to come into college for an hour and a half to do essential skills because i failed english LOVIN LIFE,i might go round handing CV's in though.

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