Sunday, 18 November 2012

so when a heart breaks it dont break even

wow,deep title, that has to be one of my faveourite songs ever - breakeven by the script it brings back soo many memories and so many feelings.

so in winter i like to make stupid shoes choices and wear pumps and then stand outside in the cold take photos,good one victoria.

cardigan: zara
top: primark
jean: primark
shoes: penny's (yes penny's and primark are the same but these were bought in dublin and they dont stock them in primark,ok?)
scarf: charity shop

can we all just take a moment and look at my scarf? and how much you like it because you will see it every day from now on,yes i have a new love,this scarf is from a charity shop,its made in italy and it was 1.50, i do love a good bargain.

so this photo was from thursday...i have no idea but i just played around on the colour,i think it looks pretty cool.

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