Sunday, 18 November 2012

weekend wishlist

1 -  Zara Suede Shopper- this bag isn't anything special,its just plain,very plain to be precise but i find hats what i look for it in a bag,no rubbish about the bag not going with your outfit,because its black,its one colour,its plain and simple and yes if you want a bit of colour you can go all out with the purse and make up bag.

2-  Asos Sweater Skater Dress- we all have them days where all you want do to is wear your pyjamas all day long,but no,that isn't socially acceptable, this dress would be prefect for those day,sweater material and you can layer as much as you like? how does that not sound perfect!  plus it does look so cute for any time of the year.

So if you have noticed i havens been really posting recently over the past few weeks,i do still want to blog,i do enjoy blogging but i never have time, because when i get home from college on a Monday -Wednesday all i want is sleep and i know there is a zillion other people like me in the world,i know im complaining over a little small thing and there is a zillion other things but i promise i will be a better blog,trust me this time.

i do have lots of posts lined up for Christmas and what not,i hope you enjoy them!

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